Boca iPhone video app

Boca is a new free iPhone video app by Savannah-based developer Evoca. Boca is the fastest, easiest way for everyone to make attractive, compelling videos. Combine your voice with photos to create engaging videos on your iPhone. All you have to do is select images, then you can annotate or edit them, after that just record your voice and the app will prepare a video for you. You can then share your new video on Facebook, YouTube, or Dropbox. Download

• Tell your story using your voice and images
• Show & tell the best angles and features to sell your used or new item
• Create & post quick promotional videos for your instant deals or daily specials
• Snap & send a field report to your boss, colleagues or clients
• Get more leads for your listing from a personalized and searchable Boca video
• Instantly record & post your product or travel review for your friends or blog readers

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